For the past six years, the financial services industry has been living in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In the wake of this crisis we identified a rare opportunity to reshape how many of these industry topics are taught and to help prepare the new generation of financial professionals.

As part of our process, we first identified the need for structured certificate-based programs that would establish a baseline knowledge for financial practitioners. Through this approach, we have certified over 10,000 individuals and achieved recognition from key regulatory bodies in France and Singapore. To further expand our audience, we developed the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in technical finance, which today is the world’s largest finance-oriented MOOC platform. Through this platform we have taught over 100,000 students.

In 2014 we identified an additional opportunity to collaborate with elite business schools around-the-world in an effort to blend their academic content and resources with our technology, marketing and instructional design capabilities. In the past year, we have partnered with three of the world’s top business schools: HEC Paris, Tsinghua SEM and UNC Chapel Hill. We anticipate establishing further partnerships with other elite business schools in the coming months and expanding into subject areas beyond finance including business strategy, marketing and leadership.

The rapid growth of FFI in the past three years reinforces the notion that technology is the great enabler in higher education. With nearly 3 billion internet users around the world (up 8x since 2000) we are all participating in an era of unprecedented connectivity. This access, coupled with new delivery capabilities, has created an optimal environment for us to help our business school partners deliver extremely high quality online programs in a flexible, convenient and cost-effective manner.

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Eric Chardoillet

Founder & CEO FIRST FINANCE Institute